Individuals, Couples & Family Therapy


What to Expect


First Sessions:

The therapy process begins with an initial session or consultation. This session will give us an opportunity to discuss how therapy might be useful for you. I will usually ask questions about what you are experiencing, your history, and what you might want to change in order to feel better in your life. This first session is also an opportunity for you to learn about my style and to ask any questions you may have about me, my approach to therapy and how I might help you personally. At the end of this session, we will discuss together whether or not we will meet again and if so, what types of sessions would be most useful for you. I will share my recommendations; however, I will respect the choices you make about ongoing therapy.


Continuing Sessions:

Ongoing therapy is typically scheduled for weekly or bi-weekly 50-minute sessions - longer sessions can be arranged when needed. During our initial sessions, we will develop therapy goals as well as a treatment strategy. As we get to know each other better, we will work towards these goals in ways that help you to access your strengths, gain deeper understanding, and build new skills. Ongoing therapy is intended to be a collaborative process in which you can guide your own treatment. I will provide structure and momentum for our work together, but you are always encouraged to let me know what feels "on target" and what does not.


Children and Adolescents:

When treating children and adolescents, my aim is to help them resolve problems that may be interfering with their healthy development and enjoyment in life. I begin by developing a rapport with each child, and then combine talk with play, art and practice/rehearsal of new skills. I do this in conjunction with parents, who are invited to be part of sessions, usually partially and sometimes fully. I am aware that my role in the lives of children is temporary, but parents' roles are not. Therefore, I strive to help children seek guidance and support from me and from their parents as they progress.


With younger children, I will typically meet with only parent(s) during the first session. This allows me to get a full description of the child's challenges, strengths, and developmental history, and also gives parents an opportunity to meet me before deciding whether to introduce their child.


When working with adolescents, I will discuss with you how to best use our first session; I frequently include them in the first session, because adolescents have a greater capacity than younger children to describe their situation and to evaluate their own comfort level with me.






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